Hey, I'm Alex Kondov.

I'm a software engineer by day and a writer by night.

I've spent the last 10 years building software and writing about it. JavaScript and React are my weapons of choice, but I've dabbled in many other languages and technologies. From the front-end to the back-end, from early stage Sillicon Valey startups to big media corps like the Financial Times, I've built a little bit of everything

I'm sharing everything I know about software through my articles, books and newsletter.

When I'm not coding, I'm either lifting, playing Magic: The Gathering, or writing fiction.

Recently Published

A Front-End Engineer's Take on LLMs

May 16, 2024

I dabbled in data science years ago but it’s just not my thing. The end product of creating a model is incredible, but long ago I conceded…

Locality of Behavior in React Components

May 01, 2024

You don’t need design patterns or principles to build software. You can write everything in a single file that executes from top to bottom…

How to Style a React Application

April 17, 2024

We don’t build web applications the same way we did a decade ago. We don’t think of pages, we think of components. We don’t pass data to the…