Hey, I'm Alex Kondov.

I'm a software engineer by day and a writer by night. My tools of choice are JavaScript, Go and a pen.

Working for early stage startups and big corps taught me a lot about building software. I share everything I know about software design & architecture through my articles, books and newsletter.

I'm also passionate about storytelling, physical training, and philosophy.

Latest Articles

Reflections on Launching Tavern

May 24, 2023

The big idea of building startups in the last two decades was idea validation. Ensure you’re on the right track before investing excessive…

How to Structure Next Applications

April 30, 2023

React finally got better docs this year and right now they’re the best resource to learn the technology and its ecosystem. One of the…

An Ode to React Effects

March 31, 2023

Hooks got mixed responses when they were announced. I remember the miles-long GitHub thread explaining the new API and the avalanche of…

Reading Code - Chakra UI

February 27, 2023

I spent over a year as a principal engineer in one of News UK’s platform teams where we were building libraries and tooling for the other…

Use Databases Without Putting Domain Logic in Them

February 09, 2023

Even though I’m very passionate about front-end development now, I started my career with different intentions. For the first few years, I…


Tao of Node

Learn how to build better Node.js applications. A collection of best practices about architecture, tooling, performance and testing.

Tao of React

Learn proven practices about React application architecture, component design, testing and performance.