Hey, I'm Alex Kondov.

I'm a software engineer by day and a writer by night. My tools of choice are JavaScript and a pen.

Working for early stage startups and big corps taught me a lot about building software. I share everything I know about software design & architecture through my articles, books and newsletter.

But my passion for creating took me beyond software. When I found programming languages to be too limited, I started writing fiction. You can read my short stories here.

Latest Articles

Full-Stack Tao: Picking a Tech Stack

November 17, 2023

Start with the Domain Picking a Tech Stack Understanding our product’s domain is the first thing in our engineering checklist because it…

Build Things, Tell People

November 14, 2023

There’s this article that’s as old as the internet called Do Things, Tell People. It goes on about how success comes as a result of those…

Full-Stack Tao: Start With the Domain

October 30, 2023

Start with the Domain Picking a Tech Stack So you have finally started working on this greenfield project! Or perhaps you just joined a new…


Tao of Node

Learn how to build better Node.js applications. A collection of best practices about architecture, tooling, performance and testing.

Tao of React

Learn proven practices about React application architecture, component design, testing and performance.

Latest Short Story

The Golden Apple

The youngest heir of a noble house fights for its legacy