Hey, I'm Alex Kondov.

I'm a software engineer by day and a writer by night. My tools of choice are JavaScript, Go and a pen.

Working for early stage startups and big corps taught me a lot about building software. I share everything I know about software design & architecture through my articles, books and newsletter.

I'm also passionate about storytelling, physical training, and philosophy.

Latest Articles

Building Low Level Components the Radix Way

September 10, 2023

A few years ago, keeping up with the JS ecosystem was my part-time job. I’d spend weekends trying out libraries and staying informed about…

Managing State Outside of React

August 22, 2023

My blog is something of a trophy case of mine. Like a hunter who hangs the antlers of a stag on their wall, every time I solve a technical…

How BlueSky Structure Their App and Manage State

June 05, 2023

Browsing through libraries is an enriching experience, but they’re too focused and lack the architectural depth that building an entire…

Reflections on Building Tavern

May 24, 2023

The big idea of building startups in the last two decades was idea validation. Ensure you’re on the right track before investing excessive…

How to Structure Next Applications

April 30, 2023

React finally got better docs this year and right now they’re the best resource to learn the technology and its ecosystem. One of the…


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