I'm a software engineer and writer who works with JavaScript, Go, AWS and a pen.

Working for early stage startups and corporations like the Financial Times taught me a lot about building software. I share what I've learned about software design & architecture through my articles, books and newsletter.

I'm also passionate about storytelling, physical training, philosophy.


We Don't Need Faster Frameworks, We Need Better Tooling

September 26, 2022

Around ten years ago, businesses realized that building desktop applications was not a resource-effective way to go. You must create…

My Writing & Publishing Pipeline

August 29, 2022

In early 2021 I set out to write Tao of React with nothing but raw ambition. I had finally decided to write a book, albeit a short one. So I…

Reading Code - GitHub Hotkey

August 21, 2022

After I read React’s code last month, I went on Twitter looking for recommendations about the next project to review here. There were some…

A Testing Philosophy

July 29, 2022

I’ve written a lot about software development, but I’ve been silent when it comes to testing. Quality assurance is not my strongest side and…

Reading Code - React

July 15, 2022

It’s daunting to even think about reading the code of a framework I’ve been using for years. I’ve always seen React as a black box that…

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